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Just An Ordinary Girl, That Lives An Extra-ordinary Live


I’m just an ordinary girl living an extra-ordinary live.

I have nothing to hide. I live my life the way it is, I live my life the way God wants me to.

Everyone has their own mistake, limitation and also shortcoming. But God wants us to fix those things and make it better each day.

I only have one thing in my mind that I will keep for the rest of my life, “Hari ini harus lebih baik dari hari kemarin dan jangan lupa untuk tetap selalu bersyukur untuk segala sesuatu yang diterima dihidup ini. Tuhan itu baik sekali sama umatNya.”

Thank you God.

Hihihi…. Ini nih, efek dari menye-menye di pagi hari yang mendung ini.


.:Posted on March 12, 2010, 10:47 AM:.


About miss deasy

A friend to her best friends, a daughter to her parents, a sister to her siblings, an employee to her employer, a sweet ^___^ teacher to her students. A bit silly, loves to hang out with her friends, an avid traveler, loves to meet new people and loves to have lots of friends Loves: books, coffee, ice-cream, chocolate, movies, kids, puppies and kittens.

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